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5 different ways to design a logo and why you should use a logo maker

Published: 2020-09-14


You’re here because you understand the importance of logo design. As one of the, if not the most major element of launching a brand, your logo is the face of a company, captures the attention of customers - present and future, differentiates yourself from competitors and communicates your company’s objectives.

Designing a logo for your business is a professional venture that should not be taken lightly. There are so many avenues to take when moving forward, from using our trusty logo maker to hiring a freelance designer, to hosting a design competition. We’re here to clear confusion around these choices and the seemingly daunting process. Just a hint, the process doesn’t need to be daunting at all. 

Your decision will be based on the goals, budget and timeline surrounding your company’s branding and logo launch. It’s important to ultimately take these into consideration in the beginning before choosing which route to take. Additionally, you can find logo design inspiration from a few of your favorite companies or internationally recognizable brands. We’ve even listed a few here in our article Brands of the World. Hone in on the style you’re looking for, including the basic design elements, color palette, use of negative space and emotion, and how to keep things simple yet distinct. Consider your audience and competition - this alone will help you figure out the look you are going for. 

Now, you’ll just need to figure out which design process best suits your needs. We’ll move forward in describing different options in the logo design process. 


Why choose a logo maker?



Logo makers are a simplistic, fast and quality choice for logo design for a variety of reasons we outline below.



Logo maker tools come with various categories and combinations depending on the industry, showcasing an understanding of design trends which fit within specific professions. This makes the process easier for the user to hone in on templates most applicable to them. These pre-made templates offer ideas and inspiration as an introduction to the process as well. It’s a great way to get ideas flowing and to finally settle on big decisions surrounding your company branding.



The process of using a logo maker is designed to be user-friendly for most folks who are not as familiar with design applications, like Adobe CS. The tools are meant to be seamless, easy-to-use, and require far less time than the process would take in hiring an agency or designer. Step by step directions and available assistance is easy to attain while using the logo maker, to ensure you are getting exactly what you need out of the service. 


A fluid process

Logo makers allow for flexibility in the design process where users can tweak, adjust and tailor a chosen logo template to specific needs. There is no time constraint on the design process, as you are working alone and on your own schedule. As soon as final decisions are made on your part, the most updated logo is available to you immediately without any meetings, emails, phone calls or outside perspective. 



Users have full control over the logo design process, even though it does not require the skill-set of a trained designer. You are able to create a logo exactly as you’d like and are able to revise your logo until you’re satisfied with the final result. You determine all aspects from the beginning of the process through the end, with help if needed along the way.



The ability to have all information about your logo design, and other products chosen for your business saved to your account is a huge convenience. Many logo makers offer other services such as stationery products, business cards, professional letterheads, t-shirts and so much more. 


Logogenie has 3,000 logo design templates to choose from, out of twenty categories, with around 70 fonts and shape-based, text-based or icon-based logos. It is possible to make many modifications, as there is no limit. Any amendments made are saved to your user account, are instantaneous and able to be downloaded right away. Starter logo packages are available just for 24,90 €, with add-ons such as modifications to your logo, and various file formats for different applications ranging from seven to fifteen euros. Exclusivity is an option via purchase for 144 € and recommended for businesses to take in order to ensure their logo is distinctly theirs. We have a step-by-step guide to use the logo maker here. 


Still feel limited to the designs available via logo makers or just curious about other ways to navigate the process? Let’s go through more options. 


Other logo design alternatives


Hiring a freelance designer



Hiring a freelance designer means truly investing in the educational background and professional experience of a designer, where they navigate the chaos of the waves of logo design for you through their trained eyes. The communication process between you and said designer should be open, honest and intentional. 

While this means you’ll have the possibility to come out with a bespoke design, it also means the expenses run a little deeper. Working with a designer to find the right logo for your company can mean working through revisions - it’s a time intensive process that requires significant back and forth. Oftentimes, freelance graphic designers will include two to three revisions in their project fee and have communicated their working hours for when they are available. 

The process in itself could range from several hundred to thousands of dollars, so it is absolutely important to hire the right one for the project. We’ve written about that exact process here, explaining the importance of communicating clearly in a design brief and beyond while working directly with designers. 


Hiring a design agency to design your logo




If it’s within your budget, hiring a fully staffed design team to work on your logo design, additional branding, and conducting market research means the entire process could be taken out of your hands and put directly into the hands of a team of professionals. 

Despite the “freedom” found in focusing on other aspects of your business rather than your logo design, it is important to note that agencies have working hours where they are available to you. Should something come up in the design process, there may be little to no flexibility in when you are able to communicate important things about your logo design. 

Furthermore, this is the most expensive option, with the project often starting from $10,000. If you’ve got the budget and prefer to have others dream up your company’s branding, this could be your ideal choice. Unfortunately, we know businesses just starting out often do not have the budget to hire an agency.


Running a logo design contest




Designers from all over the world could potentially pitch you multiple ideas for your future logo. You set the competition up, provide feedback and select the winner from a series of finalists. Design contest packages range from $299-$1,299. 99Designs and 48 Hours Logo are platforms which offer the possibility for design contests. Both are preferable for certain projects, with48 Hours Logo being ideal for single logo projects. 99Designs works well for larger projects, such as print materials, brochures, mobile application branding, website mockups, and social media branding.

While this is quite the exciting option and allows for you to connect with many designers around the world from varying backgrounds, it does require significant energy to set up and manage the logo design contest. 


Using a logo design application to design your logo




If you’ve got experience and knowledge of or a general interest in learning design applications, such as Adobe CS, this might be your preferred route. Reddit’rs give it a go, attempting to land a set amount of time it takes to learn InDesign, but honestly, we both know that all depends on so many other things outside of your learning curve. For businesses which require skills around using these design applications, this might make sense for a time and financial investment in order for other aspects of your company to move forward. Additionally, it’s important to note the cost of Adobe Creative Cloud, with the annual fee of $599.88 or monthly fee of $52.99. 


Now is the time to design your best logo



Now you have a general understanding of how you’re able to create a logo design for your company. While pricing and timing are huge factors, it’s absolutely important for you to find the perfect fit for your needs. This process is truly significant, it’s huge. It’s the face of your business. Your logo is absolutely worth the investment. This design process is the first step your business will take to set yourself apart and shine amongst competitors. 

We’ve outlined the ways in which logo makers, particularly how Logogenie, can be advantageous for your business in your logo design process for a reason: it’s flexible, user friendly, and allows you to take full control over the most important aspect of the visual identity for your company. Let our design pros carry out the difficult tasks in order to make your design process seamless.

Start designing your logo


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