Create a company stamp

- Published: 2013-02-12
Create a company stamp

Why create a company stamp? What are the benefits? What information should appear on them?

Nowadays, a company stamp is important. It is found accompanied with a signature on documents such as order forms. The information on it is proof of liability that your business really exists. The company stamp is not compulsory, but is nonetheless a simple and effective method to leave an imprint with your company details.

As a professional you are required to provide information about your business.

For example: This information may be used to track an order or inquire about your business. With this information your customers will be able to contact you. The company stamp is also reassuring and shows that you are a legitimate business. It give you a more attractive and official image. The use of company stamps also saves a lot of time.

What information is found on a company stamp?

In general you will find the company name, address, phone number and website. There are several stamp formats allowing you to include various information, graphical aspects and colors. Generally, entrepreneurs tend to choose a basic format (black and white) for greater clarity.


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