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Logo Trends to Expect in 2020

Published: 2020-01-13
2020 is here and we expect that this new decade will bring changes to the status quo of logo design. Logo design has historically been rather stable because of the common elements of timeless logos that capture the minds of customers. However, we expect 2020 to be the start to some interesting twists and turns in the world of logo design.
Every graphic designer needs to know the trends in order to create fresh and modern styles of logo design. Here are some of the upcoming trends in 2020 that we expect to add more life to any company’s logo!
1. Gradients: more color, more fun
The gradient is an essential element in logos that give dimension and depth, which is why it will still be a top design trend. Gradients add complexity to the image and provide a dynamic yet soothing interpretation that captures the viewer’s attention. In the current smartphone society, we expect the use of gradients to continue to dominate in 2020.
2. Multi-color gradient 
Combining two colors or more provides the vibrancy that any visual representation needs. Brands use color combinations to be identified quickly, especially in a saturated niche. You can choose a unique palette that depicts nature or give a futuristic appeal to the logo by mixing vivid colors in different tones. 
3. Analogous gradient & 3D
You can also opt for a more harmonic color scheme that uses only one color in a variety of shades. It is simple and clean but also impresses with an easily identifiable brand. One of the modern interpretations of the gradient is the application of 3D effects. It creates a tapered design that emphasizes color contrast and adds to the sophistication of the image. 
4. Black and White
Something about black and white logos keeps coming back year after year in the design trends list. They are classy yet straightforward and don’t need a lot of frills to impress an audience. Brands often have a black and white version of their logo, which is useful, especially in print, since the image is often crisper and clean-looking. 
Animation is the latest enhancement to black and white logos that is another notable trend that we expect to emerge in 2020.
Fun and friendly Cartoon animations
Logos that bring a lot of cheer are in the limelight for 2020. Animated cartoons are a growing design trend that depicts creativity and entertainment. Brands that want to project themselves as fun, friendly, and easy-going will benefit from this design.

5. Doodle style
Doodles are charming their way into the trends list for being raw yet pleasant. It resembles hand-drawn cartoons that make logos look more artistic and original.
6. Flat style
Flat cartoon illustrations still belong to the top since they are simple yet flexible, which graphic 
designers find it easy to manipulate and modify. Check out this flat style animation for Cub Studio by Fraser Davidson.
7. Outline style
Cartoons with distinct (and mostly thick) outlines grab the attention of a user and also makes for a scalable design. You can size it down or up without worrying about image distortion because the outline will clearly define the logo itself. This unique animation by David Etinger captures the essence of this style.
8. Typeface Imagery
A simple logo typeface can be designed so that it carries a meaning. It can be incorporated with an image that correlates to the brand identity. The negative-space technique allows designers to replace parts of the letters so that it speaks to the audience and gives more meaning to the word. This design trend can be tricky but will ultimately provide the unique character to your logo once you get the hang of it.
9. Eye-catching Isometrics and 3D
The development of robust illustration software gave rise to 3D and isometric trends in graphic design. In 2020, these styles still set the bar high and provide the depth and illusion that make logos come alive. 
10. Playing with custom Logotypes
Logotypes are far from plain and dull in 2020. When you use customized logotypes, you won’t need to add an image because the font is already designed to incorporate the brand symbol. It uses the element of surprise and hidden meaning that is easy to spot yet hard to replicate, adding points for originality to your logo. 
11. Portraying transparency with semi-transparent shapes
Setting the transparency of elements in the logo gives the image a whole new meaning. The semi-transparent style gives an intriguing value, which prompts the audience to ask why it’s designed that way. Through a mix of stacked and overlapping shapes, your brand can highlight its drive for transparency, which fosters customer trust and loyalty.
12. Classic metal or engraved style
Injecting metallics to the logo design and using hints of silver or gold gives the sense of being custom-tailored and exclusive. This trend has survived throughout the years and will make a bang in 2020.
Depicting metallic engraving especially in print, provides the hint of class that begs to appreciate the more beautiful things in life. It’s perfect for when you want your logo to be sophisticated and chic. 
13. Going retro
Retro styles, such as in the typeface or image, are making a massive comeback in 2020. Grunge, pastel, worn paper, and more are set to bring yesterday into the spotlight once more. This trend speaks to a broad range of individuals, which can spark nostalgia or create new memories no matter the age of the viewer. Retro designs are made modern with advanced software techniques to make the image clearer and more defined. However, the aesthetic that can include pixels, chrome, and neon is preserved throughout the design. 
14. Minimalism through geometric shapes
Utilizing geometric shapes in logo design never goes out of style, and it maintains its popularity to be included on the top of the trends list. Designers often prefer creating simplistic logos that use shapes to define the brand’s identity. Geometric shapes can easily be implemented without distracting the viewer from the central element of the logo. 
 Design by dcastro
That’s a wrap!
These trends make logo design in 2020 dynamic, vibrant, and full of life. You can choose from any of the styles in order to create your own by infusing elements such as images that are unique to your brand. It’s crucial to take it a step above the norm and innovate so people can easily recognize the uniqueness of your brand’s identity. So feel free to take inspiration from these logo trends and start to pioneer this new decade of design!

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