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The best typography for your logo

Published: 2016-11-29
The best typography for your logo

For most business organizations these days, brand awareness has become synonymous with logo designs. However, most people think that when we talk about logo, all we are talking about is the design. Well, this is not true. If truth be told a logo design comprises of the structure as well as the typography. There is no way a logo design can look stunning, if it does not have a perfect font to match. A mismatched font on the other hand can completely make the design go off key.

So, when you design a logo it is important that you spare some thought to the typography that will go with it. Here are some of the best typography fonts that graphic designers have been using for logo designs.

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1. Eames Blacl Stencil

Developed by House Industries, this is a font that will help you to get that perfect stenciled look for your logo without going too overboard with the detailing. At the same time the developers have ensured that the font has an elegant touch and does not seem downright cheap. This font has been developed by Charles Eames and Ray Eames and offers a wooden finish look which seems as if designed by an authentic stencil. According to the developers, the curves of the letters were inspired from plywood curvature.

2. Rooney

This typography developed by Jan Fromm is quite popular among the logo designers. Its natural curves appear extremely docile and thus, are sure to lend a friendly appeal to your logo design. The most amazing thing about this font is the versatility it has irrespective of the size in which it is used. When used as large fonts, the subtle curves of the serifs look elegant but at the same time quite impactful. On the other hand, the smaller fonts have a very softening appearance. The Rooney font is available in six different sizes, thus offering you various options for experimentation. In fact this even works great as a tattoo fonts.

3. Hermes

This is a font which was originally developed in the year 1995 by Matthew Butterick. It is said that the font was inspired from a German design that heads back to 1908. Irrespective of what the origin of the font, it is definitely the favorite of the modern graphic designers and is used widely. This design has varied styles and weights, which add to its functionality making it an obvious choice for most logo designs.


4. Enclave

The Enclave font was designed by James Montalboro, who wanted to develop a font that was unique but at the same time highly legible. The font comprises of huge, chunky serifs but with elegantly rounded edges and curves that take away the harshness from the font and add a touch of subtlety to it. This is a lot like the typewriter font but thanks to the curves it looks much more chic and stylish. The best thing about Enclave is that it looks just fine whether used in large or small size or even as tattoo fonts.

5. Franklin Gothic

This font was originally developed in 1903 and then updated in 1980. However, the modern version of this typography was designed in 1991 with an aim to make it look good in print, on the web or anywhere else that it is used. This is one of the main reasons why it is an ideal choice for logo designs which may be used in various mediums. Known as Grotesque in USA, this one tops the lists when it comes to logo design typography.

6. Mrs. Eaves

Well, this font sure has a rather unconventional name. However, this is one versatile font and was developed by Zuzana Licko. The developer has confessed that the design is a contemporary interpretation of the typeface that was used by the typing pioneer John Baskerville. This font has in fact been named after his wife whose maiden name was Sarah Eaves. Whether you use it in caps or as text face, this font has a global appeal and is quite popular.

Logo designers across the globe vouch for these fonts and have been using them time and again in their designs. Though other logo typography are doing the rounds, these are surely the hot favorites.

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