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Hi, welcome to the new logo engine!


The first thing that we are going to do is choose a business domain and enter a company name and baseline,


Next we’ll be able to choose a logo icon! Notice that the presentation of the icons have changed. We’ve added your company details underneath the icons so that you can get a rough idea of how your logo composition will look.


Another handy update on the logo engine is the search bar. With the new search bar, you can type in any keyword, lets say “building” for example and all the icons associated with this keyword will appear on the page!


before we go on, i’d like to mention that if you have any difficulties with the engine, you can view our tutorials located in the top right hand corner


We’ve changed the interface in order to make things even clear. Using the tools is a cinch, you can resize, rotate the elements with your mouse. On this version we’ve added another interesting new feature which allow you to do a symetrical mirror on the icon !


By clicking on a segment of your icon, you’ll be able to change the color with the colorpicker situated on the right. On this version, we’ve added a wider range of colors to choose from, you can also add gray scale colors. Using the color palette underneath the colorpicker makes it easy to add the same colors to other parts of your logo, like your texts for example !


On the right you’ll find 4 different alignment setups. If you want a clean, nicely aligned logo, make sure this option is activated at all times !


Feel free to try out other icons in the selection menu on the left and see what suits you best.


We’ve combined all of the special effects in the advanced option. In this menu, you’ll be able to choose from range of special effects such as glossy effects, drop shadows and gradients… These effects are great for adding that finish touch to your logo!


Click on your texts and add cool styling effects! Adjust the size of your text using values. We suggest you space out your baseline letters in order to give your logo an elegant, structured look.


Ok now that i’ve given you quick insight on the new features of the logo engine, i’m going to show you how to make a professional and stylish logo. Let’s take the icon i’ve been using throughout the video.


First i’m going to make sure the logo is aligned properly by clicking on the alignment button on the right. Then i’m going to slightly adjust the icon. Remember, our graphics artists have already predisposed the elements so you don’t have to worry about the sizes to much. i’m going to add a shiny effect on the icon.


Now it’s time to pick a font, i’m going to go for a bold font so the company name stands out ! Now i’m going to select parts of my texts and change their colors too. This is going to give them a more stylish look. I’m going to use the color palette to pick the same colors as my icon. That way my texts will blend in perfectly with my icon!


Now i’m going to pick a different type of font for the baseline. An italic font usually works really well. Now that i’m happy with the fonts, i’m going to make some last adjustments with the size option, space my letters out with the letter spacing option and change my baseline color with the color palette.

And there you have it ! i’ve just created a proffesional and stylish logo in under 2 minutes. Now it’s time for you to give it a go ! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to check out our other videos in the tutorial section.

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Logo engine presentation video

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