Tools and interface menus

Video description

Welcome to the tools and interface menu tutorial.

The interface menus are located at the bottom of the logo design engine, the tools are found on the right hand side of the logo design engine. These menus and tools are going to allow you to make divers modifications to your logo.

You will find three menus at the bottom of the logo engine interface : business information, my fonts and the edit menu. In the business information menu you will find three texts fields. These three text fields (in ordre) correspond to your company name, baseline and an optional text line for any other text that you might want to add to your logo.

Next to the company information menu, you will find the font menu where you will be able to choose the type of font that you wish to use for your logo

Last but not least, the edit menu on the right. Here you will find the undo and redo buttons, and the delete button that allow you to delete any item selected in the creation zone,

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