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A few examples of logos designed by our clients

Social Pigeon

Social Pigeon

« Such an intuitive logo design system, I'm really glad that I found this site, coz most of the other online logo design sites are pretty crappy »
Berez I


« Very clean, fast and creative online logo design system. I had a load of fun making my logo and I am very happy and impressed by the tools available, cheers »
Ranjay C


« Very creative logo design site, and a very neat logo creator. The layout is already all premade for you, you just have to make the finish, personnal touches and that's it »
Paul B
Daily Meal

Daily Meal

« You are the best logo creator, thanks a lot! :) The tools are so easy to use, changing the colors is childs play, keep it up guys, i'll recommend this site for sure »
Teodor D
The Remo Group

The Remo Group

« Awesome logo design system, i love the fact that your colors and texts are already all adapted for you, this is such an advance in online logo design »
Leo F


« A very easy to use logo creator, I'm very happy with the outcome, the logo looks great, I have all the files a need to create business cards »
Zhiyong Z

Obtain your logo in multiple file formats for print and web products

Obtain your logo in JPG, EPS, PDF, AI
Take the Hassle out of converting file formats and let logogenie do all the work!
Download your graphic files in JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF web and print formats at any time from your account.

A simple and creative logo design solution !

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