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Logogenie is a simple, creative new way to design logos. Try out our easy to use 
online design tools and make your ideas come to life !

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A few examples of logos designed by our clients

« Excellent online logo service, i'm a beginner and I was able to create a logo from scratch really easily! I will highly recommend this service »
Shweta G
Groovy Tunes

Groovy Tunes

« Love it! tThis has got to be the easiest and most creative online system for creating logos, can't wait to use my logo on my business cards! »
Sebastian G
Better Health Medical

Better Health Medical

« Cheap, simple and very straight forward, no need to be a graphics designer to operate this system, thanks to the whole team for the great designs »
Truc P


« Very creative online logo tools, i didn't think that i'd be able to come up with something as professional as this. All the files and formats are perfect, cheers »
Roger W


« Logogenie was a good source for the logo I needed. There are hundreds of icons to choose from and you can make as many different versions as you want »
Alfredo B
Crafty Fox

Crafty Fox

« Really intuitif and easy to handle! love the icons, love the tools, hats off to the tech team for the great service. Will definitely recommend »
Val F

Obtain your logo in multiple file formats for print and web products

Obtain your logo in JPG, EPS, PDF, AI
Take the Hassle out of converting file formats and let logogenie do all the work!
Download your graphic files in JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF web and print formats at any time from your account.

A simple and creative logo design solution !

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