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Custom logo design

Published: 2015-10-20

Custom Logo Design

Your company has a brand name and a logo; but does your image really stand out? Are you distinguishable among your competitors?

Many businesses struggle with branding and distinguishing themselves from the crowd and their competitors. This is because designing a logo needs professionalism to study the nature, history, culture, values, colors and its symbols and to understand the competitive environment.

Understand the brand

Every company has some kind of purpose and winning ticket. Understanding the brand and researching other similar brands and logos will provide our designers a scope and spectrum of what to look for and design.

The logo can be designed in only texts or icons and symbols or a combination of both. The goal is to project the company’s intended image.

Customer feedback

After understanding the brand, our designers discuss the customer’s interest in all fields, color, symbol, font, effect and idea. This is also done by sending a questionnaire to the customer.


It is important to think creative as every brand consists of two elements; a wordmark and a symbol.

At this stage, our designers start sketching and drawing their ideas on paper in order to have a free hand drawing and erasing to get the best result. They think about every aspect of the image.

They then create the designs on different graphic software such as illustrator and Photoshop.

The touch of color, tone, font and different perspective is added in this phase. Every color has a different implication and fonts reflect the concept of the brand; therefore, it’s really important to choose the right match and have a balanced combination. The logo they design is considered to fit on all backgrounds, work on apps, icons and prints.

Get feedback

After creating 3 to 4 versions, each with different color and font appearance, they get feedback from their other designer colleagues as the mind of a couple is always more successful than the mind of one.


Are you looking for promoting your company image and attracting your customers’ attention? Competing your competitors? And being unique?

Let us design your logo brand at Comelite IT Co. to jumpstart your audience, give you brand recognition and leave a great impression.

Author: Mona Miles, Business & Marketing Manager at Comelite IT Co.


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