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How to create personalized email signatures

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Why create a personalized email signature?
Email has become the most used tool in the world to communicate between professionals! That's why an email signature adapted to your brand image is a must. Thanks to an email signature, your customers can memorize your logo and remember your professional information instantly. A personalized signature at the bottom of your email will reassure your recipient and reinforce your brand image.
Que doit contenir une signature email personnalisée
A signature should contain professional and practical information for your recipient such as: your name, first name, position, phone number, email, website and address. Integrating your logo in your email signature is also recommended so that your customer remembers your brand image. You can also consider adding social network icons with links.
À quoi doit ressembler une signature email
There are many different types of email signature designs. Generally speaking, your email signature should contain your logo, your business information and sometimes a portrait photo of yourself. It is imperative that your information is presented in a legible and professional manner. Make sure that the texts are neither too small nor too big. It is advisable to use the colors of your brand image. Thanks to our online tool, create yourself email signatures in the right format with your logo and all the necessary information so that your customers remember you!