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« I searched all over the web for the best website to design my logo. This site had the absolute best logos and the best customizability. It was also one of the cheapest. I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcome, and I'm a perfectionist! »
Jason M
« great little site, great online logo design tools, i highly recommend this site. i think these are some of the best icons i've seen on these type of sites, more of the others are just plain, non personnalised icons that don't really look good, Thanks for the great service, »
Dan R
« This site is Awesome! it has great logo templates to choose from and the tools super easy. i don't have any design skills and I thought I would have to spend a fortune to get my logo designed by a, agency, but i landed on Logogenie through google and I was really impressed byt the quality of the logos and the tools. »
Paul M
« Very interesting online logo design site with loads of icons to choose from. i was looking to create a logo with letter shapes icons. I found much more on this site then any other site. the outcome is great and all the downloadable files are in perfect quality, thanks again guys »
Shinu C
« very simple et easy to use logo design site. The tools are full of useful features. you can actually customize your logo however you want with having any designer skills. Definitely recommend this site to any company who needs a good logo done. Thank you »
Andre V
« Great online logo design tool which has by far the most amount of quality icons to choose from on the web. i found that the tools were very professional and easy to use. The whole logo design process only takes about 10 minutes, you actually eel like taking your time because there are loads of extra little details that you can add to your logo like trademarks etc. So thank you for this great logo. »
Karthik K
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