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« i was a little sceptical at first when I heard about these do it yourself online logo design sites, but as it turns out, they are actually quite good. The big advantage is being able to get your HD logo files in such a little amount of time. As soon as you've payed for your logo, you get everything and bonus stuff on the side too like social network stuff, different versions of your logo etc. These guys have def nailed this service, would recommend it to anybody. hope there will be more options o come as I have more logos to create in the near future, cheers. »
Andrew H
« What's great about this site is that you don't need any skills and you can still create an awesome logo on a matter of minutes. The color système is really intuitive, your font colors are automatically adapted to the icon colors. When you're on the logo selection page, you've already got a good idea of what you're going to get. Then with the logo engine you can tweak and customize the logo a little bit and make something really personal. great job guys, thanks for the service. »
Marci D
Blue Health Services
« Hey, i'm really happy with the results with logogenie. the files are full HD and i was able to use them on my business cards, signage, letterheads and other stationary items. The thing I love about these online logo design sites is that there's an endless amount of logo templates to choose from. once you've found the template that you like, you just add your own finish touch and you've got yourself a really descent logo. Thanks for the help also through the chat service, thank you »
Karthik kumar J
Forbes Tutoring Services
« great little site to design online logos in a record time! i had no troubles whatsoever to create my logo, the tools are so easy to use and there is no need for any design skills. all you have to do is follow the step by step process and you get a pretty cool looking logo at the end of it! honestly, i think it's easier to design your own logo than to get it designed by a graphics designer. you get to keep control over everything you do and there is no surprises at the end of it! So thanks a lot logogenie, great work! »
Brooke F
« great little site to create logo without going throught the hassle of going throught an agency. Cool tools, cool on line logo design system! Cheers »
Anthony H
« Super easy site to design online logos, you have everything you need, great icons, tools and interesting articles to read on the site that help you. There is no hidden surprises, everything is very straight forward. you get all the files you need to do whatever you want with your logo, HD JPG, PNG, SVG vector files and other little goodies like the social network pack for all your facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram needs. thanks a lot for the great service. »
Adam A

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