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« I've been using logogenie for several years and, well, I'm quite happy with it. I had a problem when the ovh servers in Strasbourg were destroyed by a fire. I contacted them without any problem and everything was solved quickly considering the circumstances. »
Siena Recycling
« I am very satisfied with the tool to generate the logos. I was able to try several before deciding and I'm very happy with the results, the different files received for social networks, printing.Thanks :) »
« The service is simple and complete, and despite the OVH crash, it was very easy to restore the original logo and of course free of charge without having to ask for it. Well thought out! »
« Ik heb een logo en visitekaartjes besteld bij Logogenie. Ik ben echt tevreden over de producten en de service. Goede kwaliteit en snelle levering (ik ontving de kaartjes binnen de week). »
« Perfect site to easily create your logo with an excellent quality. I also greatly appreciated the support and advice I received so that I could modify my logo as I wished. TOP Service, bravo and thank you »
Anytime Staffing Solution
« Easy to use software and, I am not a graphic designer, I had no problem customizing the logo, on the contrary! And, cherry on the cake: I found my happiness very quickly in the models proposed, we can say a graphic love at first sight! »
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