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« I have nothing more to say. This site is fantastic! i'm glad that i chose logogenie to create my logo, the online logo maker is so intuitive. There are hundreds of logos to choose from, you can download your logo at any time and you can come back and modify your logo whenever you want, thanks people »
« Great social network option. i was looking to brand my social network pages with the logo, and they have all the files that I need. i also got a whole bunch of other useful files to go along with it. The logo itself is a work of art and looks very professional. Keep on doing what you do guys »
« I'm enchanted by this online logo design site. At first i was a little bit sceptical about online logo design but i think this is the way of the future. Not only does it give you total freedom to design what you want, but you also get all the files you need in the one spot right after you finish, great system »
« Fantastic logo design tool, i'm very happy that I created my logo on this site. There isn't many online logo design tools that have that many cool options and features. You can basically do anything with your logo. Thanks guys »
« Great customer service and great product! The finish files were very well organised and had even the EPS vector file included in it. This is very important for printed product design and also making special versions of my logo with illustrator and photoshop »
« Next level logo design software. The whole process is amazing and fun too. i kinda feel like you are playing a video game as you are designing your logo. The system has tutorials and other helpful features that help you along the way. it's a whole design package that I find is really amazing »
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