Start designing your logo

Designing the right logo for your blog

Published: 2018-07-30

Starting your first business blog is surely a complicated task. The abundance of information can often confuse a newbie entrepreneur rather than enlighten him. Why? Because the marketplace is everchanging. It changes extremely fast and nobody can “stop it”.

Therefore, every blog beginner must understand that developing a blog, successfully, demands smart action. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a start-up. One of the most important ones is the design of the platform and of the brand as a whole.

To be more precise, the logo is one of the critical components of a successful brand. If you develop something above-average, something beyond the definition of “blog”, it means that your plan is to develop a brand.

The logo is the primary element that reflects your brand’s identity. It is the one factor that is first introduced to a new interested prospect, and it is the visual cue that your blog visitors, followers, and customers will remember.

Therefore, choosing your first business blog’s logo is definitely an important measure and decision. That is why, in today’s post, I’m sharing several tips and tricks that will help you do exactly that. Pay attention and apply!


Start designing your logo

1.Check Your Competitors

Before you try to invent something brilliant, something original, something entirely yours, you should consider your competition’s logos. By doing so, you can immediately “get a feel” for your niche marketplace’s dance, meaning that you’ll be able to tell what works and what doesn’t.

If you can analyze your competitor’s work without interpreting and without trying to steal ideas – just observing, you will actually understand more about what the general audience wants from your niche type of brands.


2.Pick Something You’ll Love Long-Term

You must choose something that you truly love, something that didn’t take long to “know” that it’s meant to be. You know what I’m talking about – choosing with your heart and intuition instead of your reasoning, a.k.a. the intellect.

As the owner of the blog, you should be the most appropriate individual to design something that will suit your brand. So if you don’t have designing experience, that’s not an excuse to stay out of your blog’s logo development process.

3.Don’t Exaggerate

What I’m suggesting by telling you not to exaggerate is a simple fact that a logo must be decent, not perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect, and even if there would be such a thing, it still wouldn’t count so much because your business is not reliable/dependent on content. When you make the decision, try to be self-aware and in a position of balance between reasoning and intuition.

4.It Should Reflect Your Brand’s Identity, Culture, and Mission

Your logo should be everything that your brand is. You know – a picture speaks a thousand words, and yes, a logo can truly convey a thousand words if it’s properly aligned with your brand’s identity, culture, or mission.

As John Nelson, Marketing Manager at essay geeks suggests, “When people see “Coca-Cola”, they see entertainment, happiness, holiday, family, joy – the red color, the Santa, the trillion-dollar advertising, and the psychology behind this brand makes most people associate Coca-Cola with joy.”

Now – their logo is simple and on point, and it is based on an auditory cue at first. Again, you should get inspired by people/companies that have already achieved what you wish to achieve, and that is a successful business logo placement.


5.Choose the Proper Colors

The easiest way to identify the color of your brand goes like this: identify your target audience and reach individuals who are likely to access your blog. Ask them what colors they prefer when reading a blog and give them 4-5 options. After they choose the colors, ask them why did they choose it and ‘send them” to the deeper meaning of their choice. To do so, ask them how these colors make them feel.

If you get patterns and you like the colors that have “performed” the best in your survey, you should simply go for it!


6.Pay Attention to Versatility

A good logo looks great in different formats, including on advertising material. Therefore, whenever you choose it, pay attention to its versatility. First off, you want to use it on your website. Then, the logo might appear on your business card, signs, clothes, and so on. Ensure that it’s going to look good on all the necessary materials you’ll want to use in the future!


7.Consider Professionals and Don’t Be Afraid to Invest

If you’re not an expert designer, you should probably opt for a professional who knows what he’s doing. Money might be a problem but unless you’re willing to at least consider it, you shouldn’t even attempt to start a business blog because to make money you must often invest money.

A professional will always know his job better than you and so he will always generate better results. If you understood the importance of your logo, you must also understand that as a logo can help, it can also damage. If it looks unprofessional, your startup and your long-term success might suffer!


Choosing the right logo for your first business blog is a crucial step toward a prosperous long-term development. Considering that you’re “here to stay”, you should also consider the fact that you may always change your logo in case you truly want to do so. That’s because your brand is not dependent on your logo, and people will always be able to adapt to your desired change.


Start designing your logo


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