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How to create an online logo

Published: 2013-01-28

creating a logo for your business has never been so easy and affordable.

Start designing your logo now

Click "logo design" in the main menu bar! You will be redirected to the logo design engine. First things first: Choose your industry in the list below:

Choose your logo by industry

Enter your company name and slogan (optional):
Be sure to put capitals when needed and space your words out the way you want them to appear on your logo.

Enter your company name and slogan

Choose your logo icon:
Select an icon in the icon library, you can change industries in the menu on the left, feel free to look around.

Select your logo icon

Don't forget to use the search bar to filter the icons and find just what you need!

Select your logo icon

The logo design engine:
Welcome to the logo engine. Here you will be able to customize your logo! Experiment with the divers tools around the interface.

Change my font color

Use the color picker to change colors:
You can change the colors of your icon. Click on the part of the icon that you want to change, make sure it is flashing and add colors with the color picker on the right

Change your icon colors

Change your logo alignment:
You can change the alignment of your logo instantly with the alignment buttons on the right

Customize your logo

Add cool effects:
Once you've finished designing, you can add cool effects to your logo

Choose your logo effects

Icon effects :

- Shiny effect
- Glossy effect
- Drop shadow
- Blurry shadow
- Normal gradient
- Inversed gradient

Text effects :

- Drop shadow
- Blurry shadow
- Font size
- Font spacing


Don't forget to save and register on logogenie, your logo versions will be saved on your logogenie account.

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Start designing your logo now


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