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Why technology logo templates are trending at the moment

Technology logo templates are taking over because in the world we live in, the internet and high-tech technology is a forever growing business. This is why our tech logo templates are sure to please! At Logogenie we have over 3000 high tech icons to choose from.

These logo icons are very popular as they suit many different businesses. If you want to give your company that next level, modern look. Then look no further, technology logos are what you need to go for. 

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Let's break down these technology logo designs


High tech logos are very appealing today as they have the futuristic, modern and techy feel to them. You can see technology logo designs all around you. Start up companies are especially fond of tech logos as most of these businesses deal with app developement or technological inventions of some kind. The idea behind these logos is bringing a modern, futuristic look while keep a generic and sometimes abstract style which works with almost any kind of activity. Commonly symbolised by a network of particles or shapes interlaced, designs like the samples below bring a sense of connexion and energy.

Most high tech logo designs come in vibrant colors and gradients. These colors usually include, blues, greens and oranges, but can be mixed with other complementary colors which help to bring more depth to the tech logo icon. Remember before you start designing your logo, make sure to have a good look at what you competitors are using in terms of color tones. You wouldn't want your logo to stand out like a sore thumb... That's why at Logogenie, we've put together an array of beautiful technology logo templates with matching colors so that you don't get led into the wrong direction.

But on the real though, why use Logogenie rather than any other logo maker out there

Our team have been working round the clock to bring you the best that a logo maker can bring. When you get on our logo maker, we're not going to put you through numerous pre design stages. Our main focus is to show you quality logo templates which are adapted to your industry. This is why we've put together a logo maker which bases itself on keywords for the logo template selection. Our logo maker will pick up keywords from your company name and/or slogan to filter the many icons available on the site. You'll also be able to use our search bar and advanced options which will round up even better logos for your company, which will be based on the filters you've chosen. 

When you reach the editing section of our logo maker, you'll be able to use our intuitive online design tools to : modify colors, add shapes to your logo, change your design layout and move things our with your mouse. Designing is easy! At Logogenie, we know how hard it can be to design a logo yourself. This is why we've worked hard to give you the best and easiest user experience you can get! No need for any design skills with our logo maker.

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