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DNA logos have been popular for quite some time, they have an elegant, hi-tech style and inspire professionalism and reliability. The DNA logo icons are perfect for companies in the medical industry. 

But they also suit other domains like the cosmetic, wellness, laboratory, scientific domains and much more. Being small and usually round shaped, these icons can be designed in various ways and adapt themselves very well to all branding mediums.

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A little bit more about DNA logos

DNA logo designs are usually symbolised by winding structural shapes which represents our DNA. This symbolic shape can be built into various designs (circles, hexagons, squares, etc...). The DNA shape can be designed in many ways, and as you can see in logogenie's DNA logo samples below. The icons have been designed with many creative aspects. We believe that the best way to design such logo icons is to keep it as minimal as possible. This enables the design layout to be adjustable for all medias such as websites, Youtube channels, business cards, etc...

DNA logo icon colors are usually in the pastel blues and greens. But hints of complementary colors are always welcomed. The icons suit structures with the symbol on top or on the side like you can see below. 

Designing a DNA logo with Logogenie's online logo generator

When you use our logo generator, you know that the design process is going to be easy, whether you have medium design skills or you've never designed anything in your whole life. We've put together next level online logo generator tools which help you design beautiful logos in three easy steps. If you're interested in designing a DNA logo, first you'll have to choose from the many logo templates available on the site.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, you can always you the search bar which will give you hundreds of inspirational designs to look at. When you're ready, you can get started in your DNA logo. once you're in the online logo generator, you'll be able to adjust, colors, fonts, design features and more. You'll be able to see a 
preview of your DNA logo before you make any purchases. If you have any other questions, our team of customer service representatives are here to help you.  

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