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Best color combinations to design a logo

Published: 2020-04-28

Finding the right color combination for you logo is very important. It sets the mood for your branding and helps you stand out from the rest of the competition. When you’re starting you company and you begin to think about what logo you’re going to design. It’s a good idea to study the design style out there and also the type of color combinations which similar companies are using. 

A lot of company fail to do this properly and overlook the design analysis process before jumping right into the design aspect. This can lead to your logo not being adapted to the industry that you are in. It may lead you customers into thinking that your company does deal with the type of service that they are looking for or even worse, not wanting to work with you at all.

Color are very crucial when designing your logo and will stick with you throughout time. In this article we’re going to have a look at 12 different color combinations that work and for what industry you should be using them. Let jump right into it !

More often than not, when you are looking for the perfect color, the colors on your screen can be completely different from how they look once they are printed. If you feel like there is a big difference between what you see on your screen and what you see on paper, then you might need a color calibration software.

1. Yellow and blue


Color combo

Yellow is a very « in your face » type color, This color is great if you want to grab somebodies attention. The blue is a great complementary color that you can use with the yellow to balance the brightness of the yellow. This color combination goes great for construction companies.


2. Blue color combination


Color combo

These type of combination is an all-round fit for any company. It works with everything if you don’t have any specific colors in mind. It work especially well in the IT industry. Added a light grey in the mix can also add a bit more of a corporate style to the mix

3. Orange and brown


Color combo

This color combination give you a sence of warmth and comfort. The orange and brown color combination goes great for any food company, especially in the baking industry. You can use the color combination on an icon based logo design or even a text style design.


4. Peach and violet


Color combo

This combination is a must have for any company that deals with wellness and cosmetics. It’s subtle and punchy a’t the same time and brings a nice feminine vibe to your logo. It’s a very comforting combination which symbolizes relaxation.


5. Violet brown and cyan


Color combo

Here’s another nice color combination which projects a feeling of comfort and purity. This color combination also works well for any wellness, skin care type business. You could also use this type of color combination for a nutrition logo design.


6. Deep purple and orange


Color combo

Other interesting and surprising color combination which works great !  This combination like number 1 works really well with construction companies. It symbolizes trust and a hard working spirit. This combination is nice and punchy and is sure to attract attention anywhere it goes.


7. Light and dark brown


Color combo

When you look at this kind of color combination, you can smell the coffee roasters around the corner. It’s very comforting and warm. When you walk into a cafe you want to feel cozy and this combination is great for that. Not only can you use this for your logo but also around your shop fit out.


Three color combinations

Ok, now that we’ve looked at a few two color combinations, let’s have a look at three colors combinations. Generally speaking it’s strongly advised to keep the color combinations to a minimum, but some colors really go great with groups of three.

8. Navy blue, yellow, green


Color combo

This 3 color combination take one fo the previous combinations and adds a green in the mix which is a complementary color. The three word wonders and give a warm and inviting feeling when used on a logo.


9. Blues and beige


Color combo

2 shades of blue  and a beige always go well together like two peas in a pot. The 3 color combination is very mellow and works with most industries. One of them being the marketing industry which works particularly well.


10. Orange, blue and yellow


Color combo

The three color combinations are always a must when it comes to designing a food logo. the colors a punchy and eye grabbing. These combinations work especially well with bold letters. Don’t hesitate to use one of the colors as a background color to make the other pop.


11. Purple, pink and skin color


Color combo

When you look at this color combination, you think styling solon or skin care business of some sort. The color combination is soft and feminine. It make you want to indulge yourself and comfortable look after your body.


12. Blue, Beige and yellow


Color combo

Another commonly used color combination in the consulting world. These three colors are professional and reassuring. They mean business and always go well with any type of company which deals with marketing or financial consultancy.

So what have we learnt from this article ? We’ve looked at how important it is to find the right color combination for your logo. Colors and logos as you’ve propably notice are a crucial step in designing the perfect logo. Before you get started designing your logo, I’d suggest that you look at what colors your competitors are using. It’s important that the color code is respects and that your colors are adapted to your industry. keep in mind that your logo colors have to blend in well with free presentation templates, stationary products, social media videos, apps and more... 


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