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Why create custom Automotive, transport envelopes?
A personalized envelope is used to send quotes, invoices and other professional documents to your customers. Having custom envelopes enable you to include your logo and your company details to the envelopes. Your customers can therefore call or send you an email without having to look you up on the internet.

What's the size of an envelope?
The size of standard envelopes is 110mm x 220mm. However, you can find bigger and smaller formats depending on what documents you need to send out. Generally speaking, most company documents are A4 size. Creating non standard custom envelopes usually takes more time and can be quite costly. At Logogenie, we only print standard 110mm x 220mm size envelopes. You can use our custom online envelope tools to create your own in minutes.

Which paper whould I choose to print Automotive, transport envelopes?
The paper weight used for to create custom invitation cards is 90g (this is the standard paper weight used for envelopes). Special papers exist for printing personalized envelopes, but these types of papers represent a much higher cost!

What fonts should I use for my company details on my envelopes?
Logogenie offers an easy to use online tool to create your personalized Automotive, transport envelopes! We offer a wide range of quality fonts (serif and sans-serif) designed for readability and superior printing quality. You can pick your font sizes from 7pt max 12pt. We believe that it is important to stay in between these sizes in order to maintain a clean and readable document.

How do I choose the design of my envelopes?
You can choose from over 15 Automotive, transport envelopes templates that our graphic designers have carefully designed for you. We also have similar designs for business cards, invitation cards & letterheads. Our online tools allow you to visualize your logo directly on the envelopes in order to choose a suitable template!

How do I choose the template of my Automotive, transport envelopes?
Logogenie has designed 15 different envelope templates which automatically adapt to the colors of your logo. On the template selection page you will be able to scroll through our templates and select one that you like. You can then add your finish touch with our online tools.

How much do custom Automotive, transport envelopes cost?
The more you order, the cheaper the price is. Prices for envelope printing start from $50 for 250 envelopes (delivery included).