Vertical business cards

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Why create Trade, Artisan vertical business cards?
vertical business cards are a great way of promoting your company. vertical business cards allow your clients to have your company details on one compact, easy to cary format. vertical business cards are very usefull as they can be stored away in a wallet or card holder. They are indespensable in order for your clients to know that your company exists.

What are the commonly used vertical business cards formats?
The traditional format of a vertical business card is 126x80mm. Nowadays, the most commonly used vertical business card size is 54x85mm (size used by logogenie). This size is more compact and fits easily in a wallet. Larger vertical business card tend to be discarded...

What type of paper should I use to create Trade, Artisan vertical business cards?
For a good print result, it is advised to choose glossy or matte coated paper. Low budget paper should definitely be avoided. We also recommend you to choose thick, rigid paper: 350g minimum (this is the thickness used by logogenie).

What kind of fonts should I use on my vertical business cards?
It is strongly recommended to use the same font for all the texts on your vertical business cards. Using too many different fonts makes it harder to read for the clients. In order to make certain texts stand out like your name, surname, we recommend you to use different font sizes (no less than 7 points) and bold/ italic effects. With logogenie's Trade, Artisan vertical business card models, let the experts do the work. Our team of graphics artists have chosen for you the perfect sizes and effects.

What kind of vertical business card design best suits my company?
It is very important that your vertical business card design matchs your corporate identity. We recommend you to use 2 colors maximum and that you use a logo in order for your clients to easily recognize you.

What model should I use for my Trade, Artisan vertical business cards?
Our team of artists have designed a range of vertical business card model adapted to different types of indrustries. As you create your vertical business card, your text colors will automatically be adapted to your logo for a more coherent finish.

How much does a Trade, Artisan vertical business card cost?
Depending on the amount and tyle of cards you wish to order, prices can vary from as little as $20 for 100 vertical business cards to $40 for 500 vertical business cards. Start creating your vertical business cards today!