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3 logo formats that you need for branding

Published: 2018-02-22

Making different versions of your logo for branding

When designing a logo, you have to anticipate how the logo is going to be displayed. You might want to stick it on your van or business car, you might want to create signs, you might want to insert it on your websites. For all of these different supports, you will need different logo layouts. Here’s an overview of the different types of layouts that you might be needing.


Just to get an idea, here’s a quick look at what big companies like Channel and Waltdisney are doing:

Chanel logo & Disney logo


Logos for websites

When you look at websites, you might have already noticed that most logos are in a horizantal format. This is so your menu bar, at the top of your site stays as thin as possible in order to keep your site from being too big vertically. The problem with having high logos is that it will cause problems on certain screen resolutions (Responsiveness). In general, it’s a good idea to have a menu bar that is as small as possible in height so that is doesn’t eat up too much space on your site. You need visitors to be able to see the content easily and without having to scroll too much. This is why it is highly recommended to use horizontal formats in order to optimise space.

An example of a website logo layout integrated on a site:

 example of a website logo layout integrated on a site

This is the difference between a regular logo and a website logo:

Chanel logo on website

Logos for business cards and other stationary products

If you want your business cards to look good you’ll want two types of layouts. On the front of your business card, your logo has to be clear and easily readable, on the back you can get a little more creative. The logo on the back of your business card is usually just a reminder, but let’s get back to that just after. The logo on the front of your business cards should be short and in bold lettering so that it is easy to ready, This is the first thing that your clients are going to see, so make sure that it’s at a decent size. Avoid cluttering your logo with too much texts on this version, your company name is enough. Keep it as simple as possible. Baselines underneith your logo for example are not recommended as they are usually in small writing and are not going to be much use to your clients if they are not readable enough. Depending on the amount of texts that you will put at the back of your cards, you can use a bigger logo with your baseline and website Url for example. Another popular style for the back of business cards is using your logo icon on a colored background. This gives your cards a little bit more flavour by differenciating the color of the back from the front.

Tip : It is highly recommended to keep the from of your business cards white so that the important details like your email address and number for example stand out.

Here’s a set of stationary products with different logo formats:

products with different logo formats


Logos for utility vehicles

Logo layouts for utility vehicles are tricky. The layouts really depends on the kind of vehicle that you have. But from my experience and what i’ve seen, there are at least three different types of layouts and sizes. The first and main logo is the one that everybody is going to see that is usually displayed on your car door. This layout has to be big, clear and easily readable. You should include your icon, company name and an extra line like your phone number or your website. Remember to use bold, readable fonts so that people can read the texts easily from a distance. The next type of logo layout is for the back or front of your car, usually on the bumper or on the back door if you have a van, sometimes even on a rear window. This logo format has to be in a horizontal format like the one for your website. If you have space you can add your number or website but it is best to keep it simple. Most companies also use simple texts to convey a message like a small description using keywords of what your company does. Make sure you keep it easy to read and not too cluttered.


Here's an example of vehicle branding:

Logo on your company car

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