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Choosing the right colors for my logo

Published: 2013-01-28
Choosing the right colors for my logo

How to choose the right colors for your company logo? What are the colors used by other companies? Are there any colors in particular more suitable for your type of business?

What do we think of when we see a color? Colors have always been associated with feelings or something you might have remembered somewhere.

Take the color orange for example: Some people think of the fruit, while others think of the Dutch cheese, or maybe even the phone provider Orange.

Colours evoke thoughts and/or feelings. Some colors are more dominant and popular than others.

A study has shown that there are five dominant colors when it comes to logo design. These colours are blue, black, and gray, follwed by red, orange and green. If you look around you will notice that these colours are indeed very dominant in many business logos.

In general, A nice blue suits both men and women.

Black/grey give a sober and corporate feel.

Brown, beige, khaki are less popular. These colours can be tricky to use. However, if you manage to find the right shade, they can be very appealing.

Blue color is very versatile: it represents comfort, safety and health.

Red is the color of passion and ambition. It is very dynamic!
Examples of red logos: Redbull, Quicksilver, many bank logos.

Black can be used everywhere. It is the basic color for printing. It is associated with sobriety, simplicity, accuracy and elegance.

Yellow is bright and radiant, but not often used.


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