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The perks of online logo design

Published: 2017-12-13

What are the perks of designing your logo online? Here are a handful of interesting facts about the do-it-yourself logo design phenomenon that is hitting the web and why you should be apart of it!

Getting a logo designed isn’t very hard. You have 3 basic methods to getting it done! The first method is getting it outsourced by a graphics designer or web agency. The second is using one of the logo contest sites to get a logo through crowdsourcing. And the third (the most popular today) is the do-it-yourself way which consists of using an online to design your logo yourself.

This option is interesting as there are less financial commitments and you are not dependent on an external service provider. You have total control over the logo design process and you get your logo really fast.

Start designing your logo

Here’s a few interesting facts about online logo design:




With online logo makers, the time it takes you to download your logo depends on how long it takes you to design it! Most logo makers have a very simple design processes that only takes you around 15 minutes to complete (It all depends on how much you pay attention to detail). The design process is usually broken down in three stages:


1. Entering your company details: You’ll have to enter you company name, baseline (if you have one) and your industry. These three key elements will determine what information will be displayed on your logo and what kind of logo icon the logo maker is going to suggest you.


2. Logo template selection: The next step is choosing your logo template. Most logo makers will offer you a wide range of ready-to-go logo templates based on your company information.


3. Customizing your logo: This is where the fun begins! You can use the user friendly online tools to customize colors, fonts, your logo layout and much more.



The interesting thing about online logo makers is that you have no boundaries! Once you’ve chosen a logo template, you can do pretty much anything you want. Most logo design sites have very easy tools to use which will allow you to tweak, adjust and tailor your logo to your needs. Certain logo makers like Logogenie have interesting tools that allow you to play with different styles of logos. In this logo maker you can either pick from a shape based, text based or icon based logo.



Most logo makers have hundreds of logo templates to choose from. If you don’t find anything interesting, you can easily browse around on other sites until you find something that you like. You don’t have any financial commitments to make and you won’t waste much time if you don’t find what you want. Good logo makers will let you choose from a set of parameters to filter the logo templates and offer you something that corresponds to your business.




As you are the one designing the logo, you have full control over the whole design process. Control over the logo design is very important as it allows you to gain in efficiency and time. Most sites will have a step by step process which will help you along the way. Understanding how the tools work is usually very easy and you don’t need any special skill sets. Everything is saved on your user account, if you need to make amendments to your logo, you can do so from your user account (most logo makers offer unlimited modifications). The beauty with this kind of system is that any changes made are instantaneous and you can download your revised logo right away from your account.




With most logo makers, your information, logos, and other products are saved on your account. You can download your files at any given time. It’s not like getting your logo designed by an external source where you have to run around sending emails waiting for the designer to answer. On top of being very practical, most logo makers offer side services like stationery products (business cards, letterheads, T-shirts, etc…). You can usually design the products online using your logo, company information and color codes and print them directly through the site.


Start designing your logo


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