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7 SEO tips for growing an online business

Published: 2018-10-25

Google SEO tipsIf you are trying to get your online business up and running or if you have been in the game for a while, you probably already know how important it is to get in front the eyes of your target audience, and to do that, you have to make friends with the search engines, so to speak. In other words, SEO is an absolute must, and we find it pretty ridiculous whenever we come across content which advertises something bombastic like “SEO is dead”.

The thing about SEO is that it’s constantly changing, and despite Google introducing RankBrain, it’s still not smart enough to decide which websites offers high-quality without our input. In fact, it looks at over 200 major and over 10.000 minor ranking signals for directions. That sort of answers your question whether SEO is dead or not. If you are still not sure if SEO is an essential tool for your online business, check out our list of 7 reasons which demonstrate that it is the most relevant way of growing your brand and company.

1. SEO Is Not Going Away Any Time Soon

We’ve already mentioned that RankBrain looks at over 10,000 signals when deciding where to place your website inside the search results, which is a pretty clear indicator that SEO is still as important as ever. This goes double for three of the most important signals, which are: high-quality content, backlinks from authority websites, and relevant keywords.
Even emerging technologies, such as voice search, rely on keywords from users in order to locate a business or find a particular term. Search engines, as clever as they are, are still not able to interpret human speech the same way humans do, and until that happens, SEO will always be that bridge between machines and humans.

2. SEO Is Relatively Cheap

Unless your online business is already hugely successful, you probably feel as if your budget is already spread too thin, and you are often torn between investing into your company or spending more money on marketing. The thing about marketing is that it’s pretty expensive. SEO, on the other hand, is a lot cheaper, and if you are doing yourself, it can save you a ton of money, otherwise you if you have no idea about how to go about it, you can always get in touch with an SEO company.
Now, it’s ROI is lower to that of PPC, but it’s still pretty good. Social media does help you engage your followers and boost your brand’s image, but the foundation of your online presence is still based on SEO. This is good news for businesses which don’t have a lot of money to spare on marketing, at least not in the beginning.


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3. SEO Helps You Secure More Customers

It is estimated that somewhere between 80% and 90% customers go online and look up online user reviews and product specs before deciding on their purchases, even if they are inside the store looking at the product. That percentage is only going to increase in the coming years, which means you will have to do everything in your power to make sure your product or service is visible online. An SEO process is still the best way to achieve that.

4. Local SEO and Mobile Searches Are on the Rise

Mobile searches have begun to dominate the digital landscape, and Google has responded accordingly, by introducing mobile-first indexing. This has made matters more complicated for online businesses in a way, because they have to make sure that they websites feature responsive design, but on the other hand, it has opened doors for some new practices and techniques that can help them get more customers, such as local SEO.

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5. SEO Is Essential to Good User Experience

Google is all about better user experience, and that’s one of the reasons why it favours websites and online businesses which feature responsive design, high-quality content, well-designed UI, and so on. All of those are a part of SEO. Of course, you should always strive to provide your customers with the best possible experience, but in this case, you need to, because the better is, the higher your Google ranking will be.

6. SEO Has Long-Lasting Effects

If you have done your SEO properly, be prepared to wait before you see any real results. However, within the first 12 months, you will be able to see the difference. Still, why should you bother if it takes that long? Because SEO is a long-term strategy and if you do your SEO homework today, your business will experience the positive effects of SEO for at least a few years. The more time, effort, and money you spend on SEO, the better.

7. SEO Is Done by Your Competitors Too

You have probably chosen a profitable niche for your online business, and that’s a smart thing to do, because there is money to be made there. However, that also means there is a lot competition which is fighting you for the same target audience. In such cases, even the slightest advantage can tip the scales in your favours.
Rest assured that your competition is doubling down on SEO, and if you aren’t, you are already a few steps behind them. But, even if you do rely on SEO to boost your business’ online presence, keep in mind that you should treat it like a continuous process, not a one-off fix. Only then can you expect to remain ahead of your competitors.


Online presence is everything when it comes to your online business, and the only way to make sure that your products are being seen by your target audience, is SEO. Not only does it help you obtain a better ranking, but it also allows you to provide a better user experience, which will definitely be appreciated by potential customers.


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