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Branding your social network pages

Published: 2018-03-15
What size logo formats will I need for my social network profiles?

Whether you are a freelancer, small/medium company or non-profit, you are going to want to create social network profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc...) to boost your company and spread the word about your activity. In this article we are going to talk social network image requirements and how to make your profile look good with logo branding.

If you are going to create social network profiles, it is crucial that you make it clear about who you are by displaying your logo. Your logo has to be at the right size and visible on every single one of your social network pages. Branding is very important as it is the first thing that people are going to see when they go on your page (Facebook for example). If your logo format seems weird, fuzzy, too small to read or does not stand out… Well you’re not heading off to a good start.

Here are all the details you need to know about social network profile logo placement and the formats required. Oh and just to let you know, our logo design service provides premium social network file formats for all the main sites (FB, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, etc…) Click here for more information


We’ve all heard of Facebook ! Facebook is the unicorn of social networks. It is the biggest social network out there with over 2 BILLION users worldwide, plenty of potential clients for your business. The beauty of Facebook is that most people don’t know what they are doing on there. They just... For lack of a better word… Browse… Browsing around to see if there’s anything interesting on there for them... This is why it is very important to have the proper tools to back your Facebook profile. If you have the right logo branding on your profile page, you will seem more professional and you could attract potential clients that could be interested in your product. Here are the basic image requirements (Diagram).

Facebook social network template
As you can see there is quite a few image files that you will need, but rest assured, you will be getting all of these files in Logogenie's social network logo package ! Click here for more information I want to talk to you about the mistakes that you need to avoid when branding your Facebook page. In the diagram below, you can see that you profile picture (180x180px) is also used for the picture that is next to your posts. That being taken into consideration, it is crucial that your logo is displayed in the most optimal and visible way on this image as Facebook shrinks it and uses it in other sections of the site. So if you want your clients to be able to recognize your logo, it has to be clear and visible. Your cover picture is also very important, you can either reuse your logo or use a picture that is symbolic of your activity. The second option is the one commonly used as you already have your logo in the profile picture (see diagram below).

Hubspot social network advise

So avoid making mistakes and using logos that are too small and not adapted to Facebook. 


Twitter is the second biggest social network with over 330 Million monthly users, way less than Facebook, but still a very respectable number and frequently used by companies to reach out to clients. Same rules apply for twitter. Your logo branding must be adapted to the platform in order for your clients to easily spot you. Here are all the basic format requirements for Twitter (see diagram below).

Twitter social network advise

The same rules apply for twitter, your logo will be used all around the social network with posts etc, so make sure that your logo is clear, visible and adapted to the Twitter size requirements. Once again you won’t have to worry about a thing when purchasing a social network package off Logogenie. We take all the head aches out of getting everything right. Click here for more information on our social network packages.


Recently bought out by Facebook in 2013, Instagram is like Facebook’s little brother… But slightly different. With over 800 million users and counting, Instagram grows in popularity every day and more and more Facebook users seem to be hopping off the Facebook wagon and onto the Instagram one. What’s the difference you say? Instagram is all about interaction. Sharing moments. It is more authentic and less commercially driven. This can be a bit of a burden for companies looking to advertise but that being said, the engagement rates are much bigger on Instagram which is interesting for your company. This is why Instagram is one of the « must have » social network profile pages, the network just keeps growing and growing in popularity every day ! Here are some of the key requirements for your logo branding for Instagram (See diagram below).

Instagram social network advise



If you’re going to start up your company you might be needing a YouTube account. YouTube may not seem like a social network but soaks up millions of users every day. YouTube is perfect for showcasing product videos, tutorials, buzzfeeds and much more. YouTube is an absolute monster with over 7 BILLION videos available on the platform and more than 30 Million monthly users. This is why you need to open up a YouTube account for your company with the right logo branding for your profile. Videos are becoming the most engaging elements to attract future clients, just look at Facebook, nearly all posts are now videos. Why? Because people are more engaged when they see things move. YouTube videos can also be embedded in most social network profiles making them very versatile and viral. Here are all the YouTube image requirements for your profile that you will be needing to set up your logo branding.

Youtube social network advise


LinkedIn has been around for a while and is a professional network great for meeting other entrepreneurs and making contacts. LinkedIn in has around 500 Million users which is much less than Facebook but considerable taken that nearly all of its users are professionals. This makes it very interesting for people starting up their own companies. It is one of the greatest stepping stones to boosting your company and making people aware that you exist. LinkedIn is like the ancestor of all social networks and deserves to be respected. Just like Facebook, linkedIn has a fairly large amount of image format requirements. But like all other social network profiles the main elements are your profile and cover picture which have to be adjusted accordingly in order to look professional. Once again all logo file formats supplied in our social networks package are 100% compatible and will adapt perfectly to your profile page. (You’ll find all the requirements in the diagram below)

LinkedIn social network advise

So here are the main social network pages that you should really look into creating for your company in order to get the word out there about your business. Logo placement is critical when it comes to branding your profiles so it is important to take into consideration all of the graphic aspects that we’ve spoken about.

Without a doubt, you have a few ideas about making your social media profiles better. However, realizing them might require some effort. We have already spoken about logo placement and the necessary formats. Now, you can turn to different ready-to-use social media templates and choose something according to the requirements. Among them, you can find high-quality variants for the platforms mentioned on the top. Together with these ready-made solutions, you can create eye-catching Instagram posts. It is also possible to come up with impressive cover designs for Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. You can make all the necessary edits and personalize them to suit your vision

Your profile has to look sexy and professional and be totally compatible all at once. If you need to check out our social network package, feel free to download our social network logo samples by clicking here.

In this logo package, you will find a sample logo with all the file formats required for the social networks mentioned above. Feel free to try them out on your own profiles.

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