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Choosing the right font for your logo

Published: 2013-02-05
Choosing the right font for your logo

There are millions of different fonts available. The choice seems so unlimited that it becomes hard to decide. Fortunately there is an easy way of choosing a font that really suits your business.

Selecting the right font is a crucial step when creating a company logo. A good font has to be easily readable, you have to be able to see it both close up and far away. There are several kinds of fonts to choose from:

Serif fonts: These fonts have pointy edges, a well know serif font is Times New Roman. It has been the default font on word for years. Serif fonts give your logo a serious, corporate look.

Sans serif fonts: have a modern aspect. These fonts have straight edges. They are more commonly used when creating logos and suit almost any type of industry. These fonts are highly recommended as they are easy to read and look great when printed on stationary products.

Handwriting fonts (calligraphic): These fonts can be fun to use but sometimes hard to read. These fonts are not too recommended for designing logos but can be interesting to use for certain events (parties, weddings, etc...).

Decorative fonts (fantasy): These fonts are fun but very difficult to read. If you decide to use them in a logo, be sure not to write long sentences with them.

Most of the fonts offered on logogenie are sans-serif and serif as these are the two font types used in logo designs. Our team of graphics artists have picked out the best fonts for you.

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