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Create a logo with an abstract icon

Published: 2013-02-03
Create a logo with an abstract icon

A logo is a graphical representation of your business.
Start by defining your objectives: Do you want a clear logo that is understandable at first glance? Do you prefer a neutral and aesthetic result? Whichever style you’re looking for, Logogenie is the right solution for you.

We have icons to suit every type of business. When you are ready to create your logo, feel free to search in the other industry categories in our library. You may find other interesting icons that suits your company's identity...

Sometimes an abstract icon can be more original than a more classical, figurative form icon. It allows you to play with shapes and colors. Abstract logo designs tend to bestow a more visionary kind of business. To meet your abstract logo design demandes, we have add many “abstract” icons in all of our icon categories.

Our designers have created many icons that may suit companies in very different industries.

The other advantage of abstract icons is that they do not go out of fashion over the years, they age very well over time.

Throughout time, many big companies have been using abstract icons to represent their corporate identity. This is the case from several banks, insurance, and service companies.

All this being said, abstract icons have undeniable advantages over symbolic icons. But, you have to keep in mind that these icons are more complicated and less representative to the naked eye.


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