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Creating business cards online

Published: 2013-01-28
Creating business cards online

Business cards are pocket size paper documents on which you put your company information (name, address, phone, email, etc...). These cards allow your customers to have all your business information in one compact format that can be kept handy in wallets or card holders.

Business cards have been around for quiet some time and have evolved over the years. You can find various shapes and styles of business cards. Professionals tend to use classic business card models without to many colours and a simple design. You can also find special papers (textured and/ or recycled papers for example), plastic formats and and so on.

Nowadays, business cards are becoming extremely hi-tech, you can now find interactive USB business cards, QR code business cards (a barre code embedded on your card that you can scan with a mobile device which enables you to access other interactive medias). These business cards of the future allow businesses to push the ordinary business card to another level.

The bottom line is: Wherever you are, the business card is an essential elements to promote your company. If you are always on the move for your work, the business card is a must have!

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