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7 expert tips to logo design

Published: 2016-09-02

Logo embodies the main essence of your brand and hence plays a crucial role in marketing efforts of your business. It won’t be wrong to state that logo carries your brand identity and is the face of your business towards your audience and the world. Thus, you have to be really serious while designing your logo and there are lots of factors that work together to bring life to the logo.

Start designing your logo now

Study your audience

Your client or the target audience is always the “king” for you and hence you have to make sure that your logo actually appeals to them. You should have an in-depth understanding of your audience’s preferences, likes and dislikes. The whole idea of branding your business is to make your name more acceptable to your niche and it starts with logo. For example, a company working with kid products, say toys, will always have a different logo structure and character compared to that of a business that focuses mostly on youth.

Seek inspirations from famous logos

As mentioned earlier, logo plays a crucial role in branding and if done right it becomes the primary face of your brand. We all can instantly identify esteemed brands like Nike, Twitter or Apple through just one glimpse of their logos. This is because designers behind such legendary logos knew the great art of telling the whole story in just a few strategic strokes and placements. Thus, you should go through famous logo designs and their stories to grasp how smartly the brand’s message was duly incorporated into a little logo. The logo of Amazon is a great example here where you have a little curved arrow from Amazon’s “a” to “z” to prove that the site sells everything, A-Z.

Be careful of the color

Color has this amazing power to influence the mind and hence you have to be really careful about the selection of color for the logo. For example, a fashion store can deal with funky shades such neons, fuchsia and so on while formal hues like blue or green would be apt for the logo of a corporate organization.

Fonts are important too

Like colors, fonts in your logo too play a vital role in setting the right ambience complementing the essence of your brand. Thus, you have to be really strategic in selecting the fonts for your logo. You can go all-glam with the fonts of a nightclub or pub while the fonts for an academic institution must be straightforward formal or elegant Victorian. Font design plays a vital role in how your logo will turn out, this design stage must not be overlooked.

Play with negative space

Saying without “not saying” is a cool deal to make logos really interesting and it would be nice to play with negative space here. You can look at the FedEx logo here which portrays the use of negative space to express the commitment, mission and essence of the brand. If you look at the logo, you will find the negative space between “E” & “x” has taken the shape of an arrow that complements the company’s superfast courier service.

Feeling of motion

The “feeling of motion” is another element in designing that infuses a dynamic and more appealing sense to the logo. We all want to march forward or go upward and hence logos with “feel of motion” are always more pulling. You have the example of Twitter logo here where you have the little blue bird flying in upward direction that strategically creates an active feel in the mind at a glance.

Free logo makers are great

When you have to do up the logo on your own, you can use the Logogenie to create your own logo in minutes. The software is bustling with a huge gallery of premium logos for various industries. You would simply need to select a logo matching your industry & audience, edit it with your business details, save and then download in a snap.

Winding up

Your logo is something that should be appropriate for your industry & audience, simple so that the essence can be grasped easily at a glance and enduring enough to ensure a lasting impression.
One of the most important considerations for logo design is the color palette. This is not a superficial decision, color carries meanings and communicates ideas.

Start designing your logo now


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