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How to create a good logo

Published: 2013-02-03
How to create a good logo

In order to create a quality logo, there are some important criteria that you must take into account.

The technical point of view:

Insure that your logo design can be adapted to any format and used on any kind of media.

Make sure you create multiple versions of your logo:
- You will need a printed version of your logo for business cards, letterheads and other corporate products.
- You will need a web version for your websites, emailing, banners, etc..
- We recommend you also create a black and white version of your logo, which can be useful for certain printed stationary.

All of these versions/file formats will be available for you to download from your logogenie user account when you design your logo with our online tools.

The customer’s perspective:

Your logo represents your company's identity. It’s the first visual element that your customer remembers. It must be easily recognizable. If your logo contains the name of your business, it must be clearly stated and readable.

Our advice: Try to stay in harmony with your industry. Be careful what fonts you use: make sure you use fonts that your clients are used to seeing and that it remains easy to read. If your design is too abstract, your clients might not be able to understand the message you are trying to convey.

Your point of view:

Your logo must symbolize and represent your company in order to differentiate it from your competitors. It must be easy to recognize and attractive. Try to make your slogan short and easy to remember, and make sure it is in harmony with your logo.

Anticipate changes to your logo. Depending on how your business and/or products evolve, you might need to rework your logo. A good logo should age well and not become out of fashion over time.

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