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Inspiring logo designs in 2018

Published: 2018-03-21

Every once and a while there’s a logo that stands out and makes you go wow. In this article, we’ve decided to show you a few of those logos that really stand out. We will show you why and how these logos are very original and what makes a logo design special. Inspirational logos like these are great for getting ideas of your own. You will see that there is a few recurring tricks that are used to make the logo that much more original and stylish. Let’s get straight to it!


Start designing your logo


Example 1

Exemple of original logo

As you might have noticed, the Letter A in the word « bags » has been smartly replaced by a luggage in the shape of the letter « A ». The logo is very simple and effective. Nothing else has been add to the logo, the font is very linear and bold for readability.


Example 2

Exemple of professional logo

Once again, this designer has made good use of the icon to combine lettering and symbolic graphic elements. The composition of theese two elements is very effective. It gives the lettering an attractive graphical feature instead of just being a plain font.

Example 3
Exemple of custom logo
Here’s another great trick to style up your logo design. In this example part of the company name has been added inside the graphic shape itself. The font has not been selected randomly and gives the bottle a wine label effect. On top of everything, the right side of the icon is slanted in the same angle as the « W » from « wine » giving the hole logo composition more harmony.


Example 4

Exemple of Animal logo

This icon design is very creative and crafty ! If you haven’t noticed by now, you have a hidden shape in the middle of the bull’s head. If you look closely, you’ll notice a white fish silhouette in the middle of the head. The creativity behind the design of this icon design makes this composition truly special and original.

Example 5

Exemple of tree logo

Minimal logos with thin line and basic shapes are trending at the moment. In this example the the style of the font and the lines used in the icon clearly symbolizes tree branches. The branches grow around the house in geometric angles which reinforces the notions of house construction and architecture. To top it of, the logo icon has been nicely encaplusated in a circular shape which givse it more harmony and a clean finish.

Example 6
Exemple of fonts logo
If you want to get crafty, using numbers to replace a letter can be interesting. Especially in this case where the company name is Twins. The letter « N » has been replaced by the number « 2 » which has been tilted at a 90 degree angle to look like the letter « N ». This trick works perfectly and adds originality to a font which would otherwise be pretty plain.

Example 7
Exemple of Shapeslogo

In this example, shape and lettering come together. If you haven’t noticed yet there is the letter « S » craftily disguised in the middle of the two winding arrows. Combining letters and shapes is always a good idea and should be used whenever possible. If you like logos with letters deeply embedded, have a look at Imagely's logo. They're the makers of the most popular wordpress gallery plugin. Their logo embeds the letter "I", so pay attention so you don't miss it.

Example 8

Exemple of elephant logo

Using animals and objects to symbolize things. In this example the logo design is a combination of a comb and an elephant. Using animals in your design is great because it brings life to your logo and can be used in versitile ways.

Example 9

Exemple of marketing logo

In this example, diagonal arrows have been used in the email icon. Not only does this icon represent the emailing side of the logo but it also symbolizes the share aspect all at once. This is a great example of creativity and simplicity.


Example 10

Exemple of shop logo

Right here, the bridge shape has been fully integrated into the logo. Unlike most logo designs that harbor the icon above the texts, this designer has extended the letter « D » ending to connect with the bridge shape which sites on top and give the logo more structural harmony.

All these 10 examples of logo designs show us the power in designing either original text compositions, a mixture of icons and texts, replacement of letters for numbers, combining multiple shapes using animals and other tricks that can help spruce up your logo and give it more style and orgininality.

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