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Logo design guidelines

Published: 2013-02-03
Logo design guidelines

A good company logo is indispensable. It will be used for all your communication needs. Your company logo symbolises your activity and is what people are going to remember. it must be explicit and significant to your customers. Before you start creating your logo ask yourself the right questions:

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What kind of business am i looking to build?
Who am I trying to target? 
What are my preferences in term of visual design?
What do the logos from other competing businesses look like?

Questions about your business:
- What is the heart of your business?
- Are there any particular values that you want to highlight?
- What is your development strategy? Are there any major guidelines that should be symbolized in your logo (ex :international activity)
- What words do you want your customers to associate with your logo/ brand?

Questions about your target:
- Who are your customers?
- What are they looking for when they see your company/brand?
- If you already have a logo and wish to redesign it: what exactly do you want to change and why?

What are your preferences:
- Do you already have a visual identity?
- Are there any illustrative elements that you wish to add to your logo?

What kind of logos do your competitors have:
- What differentiates you from your competitors?
- What kind of graphical elements do they use in their logos?

These questions allow you to better identify your needs before you start creating your logo.

Start designing your logo now


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