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Online logo design tools

Published: 2014-03-17
Online logo design tools

Here is yet another creative logo designed with logogenie's online logo design tools,

There are many ways of positioning your icon when designing a logo. We have designed logo icons that have specific positioning properties. Like in the exemple on the page, these icons are made to harnessing the company information. They are best used on the left or right side of the logo compositions as they can wrap around the company name and slogan. This adds styling effets and creativity to your logo.

The online design tools will suggest for you different types of alignment for your logo (4 in total). Once the alignment configuration has been chosen, you will see your logo preformated appear on the screen that you are then going to be able to adjust and customize with the online logo design tools.

Using the online logo design tools is easy, and can be experimented with by any level user!

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