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Professional business cards

Published: 2013-06-24

professional business cards:

Business cards are a very important tools if you are looking to develop your business, they have been around for a long time, even in these modern times where everything is becoming more and more digital, business cartes remain very usefull tools.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when designing your business cards. First of all, make sure your business cards are the right size: wallet-size is ideal. If your cards are too big, they will quickly be discarded!

Choose a business card design that is clear and easy to read. The idea is to capture your customer’s attention in one glance.

Use a light style without too many colors. Make sure you leave some blank space on your card so that your can write information on it if needed (exemple: appointment hours or a personal note). Last but not least, make sure all the information on your card is accurate and there are no spelling mistake. There’s nothing worse than receiving 250 brand new business cards that you won’t be able to use because you’ve made a mistakes!

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