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Stand out from the crowd with your logo

Published: 2017-11-28

Our world is currently full of different brands and companies. This is the reality that we have to deal with: if you want to start your own company, you need to work on your brand identity very carefully and spend a lot of money on it.

One of the parts of your brand’s identity is a logo. And, to be honest with you, this is a crucial part of your companies visual identification by the customers.

Think of the places, restaurants, coffee shops and stores that you visit on a daily basis… What did you think of when you remembered them? That’s right: first, you think of the logo idea, then you think of the facade of the building where that establishment is located, then the interior design, etc.

Start designing your logo now


By the way, have you seen that experiment where people tried to draw the most known brands’ logos from the memory? It was kind of funny.

Stand out from the crowd with your logo


The result was weird. Of course, everyone remembered the basic shapes of the logos, but the details sometimes were lost.So who do you think needs a logo? The answer is simple - every company that wants to succeed. Read on, I’ll explain.

Why every brand needs a logo?


Why every brand needs a logo

1. Stand out from the crowd

Consider your logo as a key element of your whole brand design. Basically, this is the most convenient way to step up and let people know about yourself. This is where you can play with people’s minds and tastes. That’s the reason why you have to approach the logo design very seriously.

2. Make a great first impression

When people see your brand for the first time, they see the logo and their emotions and some kind of internal feeling give them a perfect understanding of whether they want to trust your brand or not. Whether they think you’re good enough for them or not.

For example, I’ve got one of the best first impressions for the last few years from Supreme logo. This is just the simplest, yet the dopest thing I’ve seen. Stunning.

3. Attract new clients

With the growth of your company, you will gain a certain amount of trust and loyalty from your customers. Your logo will stay in the memory of those who worked with you earlier and get a place in the mind of those who look for a trustworthy partner. This is why your logo shouldn’t be overcomplicated.

4. Visualize your principles

Your brand logo will become a strong reflection of your goals and business approach. This is the way of delivering a certain message directly to your customers or potential clients. Use your logo to showcase your principles.


What kind of difficulties can you face? 

There are a lot of difficulties that you will face in case you decide to approach the logo design on your own. Prior to saying that you are an expert at taking care of business and you will nail it easily, just hear me out.

Relying on trends

Trend pass by and the life cycle of some of them are very short. Understanding how it works and which trends are not worth going with is a primary task of the logo designer. You also have to understand that it’s not good to use some of the current trends for the serious companies like those big law firms from Wall Street. They have their own style that doesn’t really evolve for quite a long time. Your task is to follow this style and create something new within it.

Bad typography choice

Typography is the king. If you don’t know how to work with typography, you are screwed. Logo design industry will eat you alive if you don’t know how to approach the typography part of the logo design. I bet you’ve seen some logos with cool illustration and a bad typography, right?

This is the story about the Avatar movie logo that looks pretty weird. It’s like the designer of the logo just typed the movie name in the text editor and started to check out how it looks with the different fonts applied.

Going with raster instead of vector

Going with raster instead of vector is more like a rookie mistake, but I still cannot avoid this issue. There are just too many companies that have their logo in raster and when it comes to resizing it or using it in the media kit, they just give everyone out the raster image. It pixelates and looks horrible. Just remember: it should always be vector. Maybe today you are good with the current size of your logo, but someday you will hate yourself from the past.

Too many fonts

I’ve already mentioned about the importance of the typography. However, you should also remember that you shouldn’t over complicate your logo with lots of different signs.

What are the options on the market?

There are a few ways to get a top-notch logo for your business:

  • If you do not care about the budget and you’re okay to write a big fat check to some freelancer, you are free to check Dribbble or Behance for these guys.

  • TemplateMonster MarketPlace. They have tons of logo templates.

  • You can use LogoGenie which is featured amongst the Best Logo Makers in the industry today. You can use it to try and customize a logo design for your business.


What are the options on the market

Start designing your logo now


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