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5 tips on how to write a logo brief

Published: 2018-06-04

Designing a logo is no easy task. Your logo is a visual representation of your company. Much like getting you logo designed by a professional, you will need to take into account a few key aspects before you get started. In a way you will have to brief yourself on how to go about it. Here is five key things that you will need to keep in mind before you start designing your logo.


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Your Target Market


You need to know who your target demographics are, and how that will affect your logo’s style. Are you targeting men or women? Is there a particular industry you are going after? What age demographics do you have in mind? Different design techniques work for different kinds of products, audiences, and industries. Details about your target demographic’s lifestyle, the manufacturing process, and materials used can also be relevant. These details will have a significant impact on your logo design and should be given some serious thought.


Start designing your logo


Information About Your Business


Your brand values are going to play a big part in the aesthetic of your logo design. “Your brief should include information about where you think your brand fits along several spectrums. Describe where your brand sits on the mature/youthful spectrum, the playful/sophisticated spectrum, the economical/luxurious spectrum, and the literal/abstract spectrum. Write some details down about your company name, specifically, how you want it presented,” Do you want it presented in one line or multiple? Should it be printed in upper or lower case letters? Decide if you want your slogan integrated into your logo. You can also design a logo where the slogan may be removed at a later point. This later option will require more design files and could raise the cost, so bear that in mind.

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Choose Your Colors


They may seem like a small detail, but colors have the power to make a logo stand out and attract eyeballs. If you have specific colors in mind for your logo, include them in your logo design brief. If you don’t, that’s okay too, you can find a range of color schemes on the site. For this reason, it’s good to have some colors suggested, but be open to the colors presented as well. When choosing your colors, keep in mind it’s best to match them to any color scheme you already use on your company website.


Determine Timeframe and Budget


It may take you some time to experiment and explore your way to a great design. Allowing for some extra time increases the chances of you getting the perfect logo for your small business. Give yourself a timeframe that allows for revisions for best results. Nobody likes talking about money, but as a small business owner you are most likely very set on your budget, so it’s necessary. Make sure that you choose the right options for your logo. You should always opt for a vector format option as you will be needing this format for printing. The social network option is also very interesting as you will most likely be using your logo on your social network pages. You can check out the options and prices on the following link :

In conclusion

The quality of your logo starts with your logo design brief. Getting this part right gives you all the tools that you that you need to create a logo that will really stand out from the rest. This step is not to be overlooked as you may find yourself with a logo that is not really who you are.

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Start designing your logo


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