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4 tricks to design a logo for your business

Published: 2018-07-26

Let’s say you are driving through a lonesome street at night and you feel your belly grumbling for a quick bite. You notice a light in the distance and start driving towards it only to realise that it is coming from the unmistakable ‘M’ glowing like a shining beacon to rescue you from hunger pangs. Your heart leaps with delight at the prospect of a Big Mac and fries.
That’s how important logos are. The iconic McDonald’s logo or the hard-to-miss Nike one emanates confidence, brand value and customer satisfaction, all at one go. One of the most appealing forms of creating, garnering and enhancing brand recognition and value is designing a logo.


Start designing your logo

What makes a logo so crucial for your small business?

A session with any one of the leading marketers from powerhouses such as Pepsi or Puma would tell you how much they feel the need to have a logo that stands out from the rest – even at the stage of success that they are in. So if you own a small business, the gravity of the matter increases manifold.
If you wish to attain the heights of success and become the next Shell or Louis Vuitton, then you must know all about the importance of a great logo for small businesses to make it big. Here are some of the reasons that you need a logo to hit the right note with your consumers.


Showcases your creativity

A good logo ensures that your customers understand that you have creativity as one of the key skills in your kitty. And people generally like to attach themselves to brands that are creative, for it increases the likelihood of them finding unique and apt solutions for their problems.


Builds a distinct brand identity 

From official communication to marketing your brand, your logo will be visible everywhere. Make sure it is the image of your brand that you want to show the whole world.


Aids brand recall 

From your products to promotional content, reaching out to your consumers can happen only if you create a consistent pattern of brand recall using your logo like Millennium Watches. We won’t forget the iconic four interlinked rings for Audi or the Nike swoosh easily, will we? Such is the power of logos in brand recall.


Establishes brand credibility

Logos help carry on the legacy of your brand as well. A logo can be a mark of quality when it comes to your business, so make sure that you rank high qualitatively in providing services or products to your customers.
4 tips to design a logo that takes your small business to newer heights
If you are a small business owner looking to make it big in your domain, logos can help you go a long way in achieving that. Here are 4 ways that you can make your small business soar by designing a superb logo to go with your business.

1. Take a cue from the classics

Global brands like Adidas, Shell, and Microsoft have all made their ways to the minds of the consumers, thanks to their inimitable logos. Iconic logos that linger in your mind long after you have seen them help in creating better brand recall and recognition. That, in turn, boosts sales like never before. Studying popular logos and the techniques used to create the same will thus help you set the base for designing the logo for your small business.

2. Study colour and design schemes

Colours and design schemes form the heart and soul of the logo for your business. If you are a food retail chain, go for colours such as red and yellow that are proven to affect the hunger hormones in the brains of your consumers. A reassuring blue for medical services and green for ecological businesses do pretty great as well. Make sure that you know your colours and design schemes right at the outset before you start designing your logo.

3. Being simple is always more effective

Simplicity is the buzzword when it comes to the logo-designing realm. Take the logo for Top Homework Helper, a leading homework assistance service, for example. With a simple typeface that spells out the name, the placement of a pencil on the logo conveys the message quite loud and clear. Avoid complicated and hard-to-read fonts for your logo. Keep it simple, and you will achieve more than you could with a too detailed design.

4. Add a dash of activity

Adding activity elements to your logo creates a visual appeal of a different level altogether. The swoosh for Nike or the bird for Twitter carry elements of activity that make them look pretty dynamic. Logos with activity elements convey the positive aspects of your brand, and help you earn those coveted brownie points with your customers.
From choosing the typeface to deciding on the type of logo you are going for, designing one for your business is a tricky task indeed. While plenty of logo designing companies would love to lend you a hand in the task, you can use the tips we have shared to try your hand at it yourself as well. Alternatively, you can get a design team together and brief them on what you need, and they will bring your ideas to life like never before. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure that you keep in mind the tips in this post, and you can finally take your small business to the big league. A memorable and engaging logo is a great start, so keep up the good work!


Start designing your logo


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