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Why you need a black and white logo

Published: 2018-03-29

So why do you need a black and white version of your logo, Other than just completing your existing logo package, black and white versions of your logo are actually quite useful and used today in many different ways. To understand the concept behind black and white logos, here's a little more reading material about the psychology of black and white logo design. Black and white logos were once very popular with printed products. They were used to save ink money by printing black and white products instead of color. Nowadays, color printing costs have considerably gone down and more and more people are communicating in other ways like social networks, websites and digital stationary products. Paper does not seems to be the go anymore. So why get a black and white version of your logo ? Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t cross this option of the list.

What is a black and white logo ?

Black and white logos are monochrome versions of your colored logo. Monochrome is using a single color throughout the whole logo design. It does not contain any other effects, shadows or shades other than the single color selected.

Black and white logo

Reasons why you should have a black and white logo

Printing special products

Logos are sometimes used in non-conventional ways like laser engravings, embroidery, 3d printing, textile printing. All of these products use special machines that don't support ordinary colored files. This is where monochrome (black and white) formats come into play.

Scanning and faxing

Have you ever scanned or faxed a document and had it come out completely faded? Well with a black and white logo, your chances of that happening are much lower! More often then not when you are scanning or faxing a document the machine may or may not support colors (Fax machines usually never do). This is where a black and white version of your logo comes in handy. By using a black and white logo, you can reinforce contrast and shades on your documents and make your logo stand out more.

Partnerships and collaborations

Somewhere along the road, you might be interested in marketing and partnership deals with other companies. Usually these partnerships include adding your unique logo design on somebody else's products, website, etc.. In most cases, a monochrome logo will be asked. Most brands like having monochrome logos so that their page/product does not look cluttered with too many different colors.

Exemple of black and white logo

It is always important to provide your partners your own black and white logo format. Whether it be for printing, scanning, or partnerships, it is always advised to supply your own file rather then let somebody else convert a colored logo into black and white. You never know who will be playing around with your files on the other end. They many be inexperienced or not convert files properly and you may end up with a poor quality black and white logo. 

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