Changing the colors of your logo

Video description

In this section we will look at how the color picker works,

The color picker is colored element to the right hand side of the interface which allows you to apply colors to your logo.

You will find a spectrum of colours which you can apply using the mouse. You will also find black and white shades on the bottom of the spectrum. Right underneath the spectrum are 6 small squares. The selected colours will be displayed in these squares and can be used at any time while you design your logo.

Selecting an individual part of your logo is very easy. Simply click twice on the part of the logo you wish to modify, the element will begin flashing, this means that you can start apply a different color with the color picker on the right.

To change the color of your text you simply click once on the item and change the color with the color picker,

Tip : Remember, whenever you choose a color with the color picker, this color will automatically be saved in the small squares below, you can use these colors at any time, this option allows you to have a more harmonious logo with the matching colors.

To understand the color options better, start creating your company logo now !

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