6 professional logo styles

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You've been looking to create your logo for quite some time but you just haven't found the style you need?

Inspire yourself from these 6 basic logo styles used by big companies. Discover all the great features of Logogenie.net and create a custom logo today. All the online tools you need are at your fingertips


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Adding special details to your logo

Use the details menu and choose from a range of special details to spruce up your logo!

How to modify your texts

How to modify and adjust texts with our online tools

6 professional logo styles

Inspire yourself from these 6 professional logo styles and create a clean logo for your company

Using basic couleurs and gradients with logogenie

In the tutorial, we are going to look at how to change the colors of your logo and add gradients to your logo.

How to create an online logo

A quick introduction to the logo design tools