How to create an online logo

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Welcome to logogenie

Let's have a quick look at the logo design tools!

Click on an element to get started. Using your mouse you'll be able to resize, inverse, rotate elements and use the advanced options drop down menu for extra options like putting elements in the foreground of background,

Let's have a look at how to modify colors
Click on an element and make sure that it's flashing, then use the colorpicker to change colors. You can Re use colors for other shapes. It's always recommended to use similar colors around your logo in order to maintain harmony throughout your logo design.

Let's check out how to modify texts now

Click on a text to access the text menu on the left. You'll be able to add extra texts, change fonts and modify colors. Remember to re use the same colors through your logo for a professional look.

Add extra details to your logo!

Let's try the seperation lines. Click on the gadgets menu and add a line in between texts. Add texts bullets on either side of your texts. Use pictograms like the copyright symbol and shapes to surround texts for example.

Now it's time for you to give it a try,
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How to create an online logo

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